makers wanted

7/8/22: We are currently not accepting applications for new makers. 


Do you have a handmade business you would like to share at Silo Ridge Makers Market? We feature Kentucky artisans who make handmade products with a booth layout. 

Apply to join us

We have a simple application process to limit overlap among vendors. If we already have an artisan selling a like craft, we'll add you to our waitlist and will be in touch when we have an opening. If we feel your work is a good fit for Silo Ridge Makers Market, we'll contact you to set up an in-store or zoom meeting. Apply online or email us for an application. Applications are closed in November and December. 


We charge between $40-$100 a month depending on the size of your display. We also charge a small percentage on credit card transactions. We payout monthly via PayPal minus fees.


Artisans are responsible for their own display, pricing, and tags. At Silo Ridge Makers Market, we want artisans to feel empowered to proudly include their logo and branding with their products. We encourage artisans to get creative with their displays to show their work in the best possible way. 


Silo Ridge Makers Market is run by volunteer artisans, but working at the market is not a requirement. Our volunteers handle all transactions through the register and help customers, so you don't have to be present to sell your work! Artisans are more than welcome to come in to demonstrate their craft in-store or chat with customers. If there is an event downtown that is expected to bring foot traffic in, we reach out to our artisans to see if anyone wants to demonstrate. We'll advertise on social media when you'll be working in the store. 

Many of our artisans offer custom orders. You are more than welcome to meet with customers during regular store hours, which is great for artisans working out of a home studio! You can also leave your custom orders for customers to pick up while you're not there. 

Shopping Experience

Our volunteers handle all transactions through our Square register. We take credit and debit cards, cash, and checks. We use paper bags branded with the Silo Ridge Makers Market logo and include bubble wrap or tissue paper for fragile items. We encourage artisans to keep business cards and contact information for customers in their booth. Our volunteers may contact you with questions or concerns, or custom order inquiries. 

Want to set up a booth at Silo Ridge Makers Market? Apply today! 

A local artisan making custom body care products during an in-store event at Silo Ridge Makers Market.
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